2016 awards ceremony celebrates PFCC


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Here at the health system, being the best means more than just excellent clinical care.  The Evan Newport HOPE Award (Helping Our Patients Everyday) was established to formally recognize the ongoing patient and family centered care practices and initiatives occurring across the health system. Those nominated are engaging patients and families in meaningful ways, improving care as well as experience. This special award – with its simple and spirited origin inspired by the Newport family honors the people and teams embracing the idea of HOPE in partnership and collaboration with patients and families.

This year there were over 100 HOPE nominees. The award winners were announced on December 14 at a packed assembly in Ford Auditorium. Two JOY Awards were also given out, honoring patient advisors who went above and beyond. The newly created Celeste Castillo Lee Peer Mentor Award celebrates the wonderful work of two dedicated peer mentors within UMHS.

The winner of the Team HOPE Award for Adult Services was University Hospital Unit 6B. On this unit, physicians and nurses work with patients and families, and also the rest of their team – security, facilities, unit hosts – to ensure that they are providing a community of care. They began by working with a patient partner and took on nursing shift change report, then focused on creating quiet time so that patients could rest. They are so detailed and advanced in their journey, that they are even working on a tooth brushing campaign.

The winner of the Individual HOPE Award for Adult Services was Mary Gagnon, nurse in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Mary is known for providing exceptional care as a highly skilled nurse, but she also tuned into what matters most to the patient and family. One of Mary’s patients had a terminal illness and was engaged to be married. The patient was too sick to leave the hospital, so the patient and their significant other got married right here in our SICU with Mary’s coordination. Mary chairs the PFCC Committee in the SICU, and ensures that the SICU models the highest levels of patient and family centered practices.

The winner of the Team HOPE Award for Children’s, Women’s, and Psychiatry services was the Family Behavior Response Plan team (or FBRP). The FBRP team is a multidisciplinary team of folks with representation from Social Work, Nursing, Psychiatry, patients and families, Security Services, and physicians. This team collaborated to develop, design, and implement a flow chart to help staff identify problematic family behaviors earlier, and provides resources to stem the possibility of escalation. This flowchart and process helps guide care staff and faculty to not only better identify problematic behaviors, but also to document and provide better team communication, as well as tools to work through the behaviors so that families can remain with their loved one and everyone is in a safer environment.

The winner of the Individual HOPE Award for Children’s, Women’s, and Psychiatry Services was Linda Gobeski, nurse supervisor in Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital Women’s Birth Center. Linda is committed to providing compassionate and collaborative care to all of her patients and families. She understands the fear and anxiety that patients feel, as well as the devastation felt after a loss. Linda’s flexibility and compassion to meet the patient where they are, and support patients with all experiences and outcomes, speaks to her commitment to provide and help others provide great patient care.

Gabrielle Tazzia and Cathy Hanson won JOY Awards for their volunteer work as PFCC Advisors. Cathy Hanson joined PFCC as a family member advisor in 2012, and started volunteering on UMHS Falls Committee, working on a pilot to develop new fall risk signage. Since then, she has been involved with the Department of Psychiatry PFAC, an intensive research project on falls known as STRIDE, as a patient advisor for LHSNet, and as a co-chair for the UM Local Patient Stakeholder Council and a member of the National Patient Stakeholder Council – in addition to many more commitments. Cathy’s contributions and leadership in ensuring the patient and caregiver voice is included in UM’s patient-centered outcomes research cannot be overstated. She has pioneered how research projects utilize advisors, and has been instrumental in empowering other advisors to further the patient and family voice at UMHS and across the country.

Gabrielle Tazzia is a mom to 3 beautiful children. Her son Wesley brought her and her family into the heart Mott Children’s Hospital.   Gabrielle has been partnering with PFCC for over 8 years as a parent advisor. She has served as a parent advisor on numerous committees over the years, including Mott Quality and Safety Committee, Palliative Care strategic planning, behavioral integrated task forces, and much more. Gabrielle has also provided hope and healing to other parents as a keynote parent speaker for the Mott Memorial.  It is through the very full life Wesley lived that Gabrielle has helped shape healthcare team to appreciate the impact a medically complex child has on all family members.

UMHS Peer Mentors Mark Reese and Colleen Schomaker were recognized with the first Celeste Castillo Lee Peer Mentor Award for their commitment to mentoring at UMHS.

Mark Reese is a PFCC Advisor and member of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit Based Committee, where he is relied upon for his honest and valuable feedback. He is also a successful and committed BMT Peer Mentor – visiting regularly with patients and families. He is able to provide support, comfort and advice to our patients- from someone who has not only been there – but survived! Mark and his wife Cindy, know what it is like to be in the different stages that these current patients and their caregivers feel, and show dignity and grace in sharing from their heart.

Colleen Schomaker, PFCC Parent Mentor, has provided a level of commitment and passion to the UM Congenital Heart Center for the past five years.  She has supported and engaged with hundreds of patients and families by providing weekly on-site mentoring opportunities. Colleen is an incredible role model to patients, families, faculty and staff.  She had developed and sustained relationships that empathize and emotionally support families through inpatient and outpatient experiences at the Congenital Heart Center.  Her wisdom and life experiences through her heart warrior “Tommy” have provided hope and joy to other families.

HOPE Individual Finalists, Adult Services:

Daniel Cronin, MD – Internal Medicine

Norma Merritt, RN – UMHS Operating Rooms

Donna Murphy, LMSW, CLS – UM Comprehensive Cancer Center Patient & Family Support Services

Matthew Murray – UMHS Security Services

HOPE Individual Finalists, Children’s, Women’s, and Psychiatry Services:

Angelique Boerst, MA, CCC-A – Pediatric Audiology

Michele Brown, LMSW – Department of Psychiatry

Michelle Caird, MD – Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

Sarah Shell, LMSW – Pediatric Social Work, Children’s Intestinal Rehabilitation Program

HOPE Team Finalists, Adult Services:

Frankel Cardiovascular Center Intensive Care Unit

UMHS Interpreter Services

University Hospital Unit 6C Nursing

HOPE Team Finalists, Children’s, Women’s, and Psychiatry Services:

Blenderized Tube Feeding Group

Cystic Fibrosis Center

STEPS Autism Program

JOY Award Finalists:

Robyn Bishop

Ben & Emily Bodkin

Emily Campbell

Cedric Clark

Claudette Garcia

Mike Hartwell

Julia Herzog

Lise Levie

Beth Litke

Kristin Meekhof

Michele Mitchell

Alison Paine

Katie Swift

Julie Tuttle

Carolina Typaldos

Billy Vickers

Amy Zampi


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