UMHS Windows Covered in Memorials, Well Wishes

Health care professionals, like patients and families, can be overtaken by the pain and suffering they witness day in and day out. Tremendous grief can impede one’s ability to care for themselves or others. Unrecognized effects of cumulative grief can lead to burn-out and stress.

Social Worker Lisbeth Harcourt, Program Manager Office of Decedent Affairs, is committed to recognizing a need for grief support and education among our health care workers who are often in an environment of loss and suffering. One way to offer support is through this December’s Grief Wall. The windows in the hospitals have transformed this week into a resource for faculty, staff, patients and families to express their grief and well wishes to patients. Using paint markers on the windows, our community will have an opportunity to share thoughts, messages, poems and coping strategies related to their personal loss and grief stories. This is an interactive way to display personal expression of grief and coping, and connect us all to this universal human experience.

For more information about past Grief Awareness Week activities and resources about grief and loss, click here.


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