PFCC Advisors work to improve health care transitions


By Norm Bash, PFCC Advisor

On April 8th, I participated in the I-MPACT (Integrated Michigan Patient-Centered Alliance in Care Transitions) kick-off meeting. I-MPACT is a state-wide Continuous Quality Improvement Initiative. Several UM PFCC advisors serve on area committees and twenty-one have been placed on I-MPACT’s e-advisory group.

The primary purpose of I-MPACT is to explore health care transitions. Master’s degree students and faculty in UM’s Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design – Integrative Design Program are working with the I-MPACT Coordinating Center to bring an integrative design approach to dealing with the challenges related to Health Care Transitions. Doctors, nurses and health care professionals from hospitals and physician offices around the state are working with I-MPACT to improve patient transitions from the hospital to other facilities or home. Organizations participating in I-MPACT are required to integrate two patients or one patient and one caregiver into their teams in order to ensure the voice of the patient is heard and considered when developing strategies to improve transitions of care.

At the kick-off meeting, we received an overview of the I-MPACT project. PFCC Advisors Molly Brennan, Tom Hoatlin, and Joan Martin shared their health care journeys on a patient speaking panel. I was part of the University of Michigan Health Care unit and my table-mates included two doctors, two nurses, a skilled care administrator, two nurses, a social worker and two patients.

After sharing experiences, we developed a flow chart of all the transitions that the patient faces.  We also played a game where the responsibilities of each role were defined. This helped us to understand where problems of the person nearest to that problem has no authority to solve those issues that arise. Each team (table) prepared written problem statements and developed interventions. Our final two assignments for UMHS were to evaluate how care management can be embedded in the work of skilled health care facilities and improvements in post-discharge appointment scheduling.

I-MPACT works in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Please click on the photo above to watch the I-MPACT video.



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