FCVC’s Innovation Challenge 1st Winner Awarded $100,000


By Diane Drago, PFCC Advisor, Member of  FCVC Clinical Innovation Challenge Committee

Nearly a year in the making, the first annual Frankel Cardiovascular Center (FCVC) Clinical Innovation Challenge, celebrated its Selection Event on Thursday, Dec. 8. The purpose of the Challenge was to give every person, regardless of their affiliation, an opportunity to submit ideas to make improvements within the FCVC. This initiative received strong support from the virtual Clinical Value Innovation community, which grew to an impressive 638 members.  Thirty-six unique ideas and proposals were submitted, resulting in 107 comments and 568 votes cast.

Five proposals were selected as finalists and the teams presented their proposals to a packed audience in Danto Auditorium.  The audience, along with a panel of four distinguished judges from Michigan, Chicago and Pittsburgh, selected the first recipient of the Innovation Challenge—a dedicated group of CVC’s ICU nurses and technicians, along with members of the physical therapy department (pictured above).  Erika Koerner, one of the CVC’s ICU nurses, presented her team’s vision of helping to facilitate increased mobility for patients in the CVC’s ICU.  Team members included:

  • Regi Freeman, RN, CNS – CVICU Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Alice Ferguson, RN, ENC – CVICU Educational Nurse Coordinator
  • Courtney Clark, NP – CVICU Nurse Practitioner
  • Erika Koerner, RN – CVICU Nurse
  • Shelly Green – CVICU Technician
  • Jessica Miller, PT, DPT – Physical Therapist
  • Lisa Haggitt, PT, DPT – Physical Therapist
  • Jessica Russell, PT, DPT – Physical Therapist

An award of $100,000 will be used to purchase at least 12 Livengood Mobility Aides.  These mobility aides will consolidate the equipment required to mobilize a patient (such as a wheelchair or a walker) and would provide a method to mobilize patients on a portable monitor, intravenous poles, hooks for drainage devices and securement of oxygen tanks.  The award will also incorporate tracking and data by the team to demonstrate the success of the project.

Two other smaller projects won the “Just Do It” awards–Utilizing Technology…Empowering FCVC Patients through the Use of the Patient Portal and the Little Free Libraries Project. For information on these, all of the finalists and the Challenge, click here or view the event slideshow here. The FCVC plans to continue the Challenge in 2017, so watch for information next year.


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