Kori Jones, PFCC Program Manager for Peds, Women and Psych

Hello! I’m very excited to join the Patient and Family Centered Care Program as the new PFCC Program Manager for Children’s, Women’s, and Psychiatry Services. I have worked for the University of Michigan Health System for more than 12 years in the Operations and Support Services division which included a number of non-clinical departments that support the ideal patient care experience. Working with the staff and administration of these departments was an amazing opportunity and experience that allowed me to gain an understanding of the incredible breadth of work it takes to support our patients and their families.Kori and kids

My husband, Bill, and I are the proud parents of three children; Mason (7), Maddi (6), and Ava (4). Ava has a rare chromosome change and, therefore, we have become more fluent in medical processes and terminology than we ever thought possible, our previous medical dictionary consisted of “happy spitter”. Our journey with Ava led me to the Patient and Family Centered Care Program where I immersed myself in various committees and projects. The work accomplished with fellow advisors, PFCC staff, hospital faculty and staff has really shaped my understanding of what PFCC is and isn’t, the value of true partnership with the clinical care team, and the amazing outcomes that are possible through collaboration. I value the importance of self-care, not only for the family caregiver, but also for the clinical caregiver and hospital staff. Through our collaborations with the PFCC Program we are able to accomplish work that supports our patients and families as well as our faculty and staff.

The rare chromosome change that Ava has will likely never be researched or given a name. With that news, I became actively involved in patient centered outcomes research. Not for Ava’s condition specifically, but with the mindset of engaging patients and stakeholders in patient centered research overall, which ultimately leads to better patient and family centered care. My approach to PCOR is much like my approach to PFCC – global. Every patient, family, faculty or staff member can be given the opportunity to participate and engage, it is not limited to one disease or condition or role. Our work is to support the effort to provide patient and family centered care to all patients and families at the point-of-care.

I am so proud of the work that the PFCC staff and our Patient and Family Advisors are doing every day. I am honored to be a part of the work that is helping to shape our relationships, procedures, and policies to enhance the way we engage our patients and families to provide quality and safe care. The past four years volunteering for the PFCC Program was an inspiring experience, I can’t wait to see what the future brings.


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