From Apps to Workflow Projects, CCC PFAB Continues to Help Improve Patient Care

Cancer Support Group meeting in the University of Michigan Cancer Center.

Dr. Klauss and PFAB Advisor Ann Fitzsimons

By PFCC Advisor Karen Pitton

Since 2011, the Comprehensive Cancer Center Patient Family Advisory Board (PFAB) has been committed to ensuring the delivery of exceptional care in the adult cancer areas of the cancer center. Board members’ contributions have been used in the development of a breast cancer ally app, the Take On Cancer marketing campaign, pre-procedure instructions, and a new patient experience survey. The board also initiated the development of breast cancer clinical rounds for new patients. Members provide input on the IOE infusion workflow project and were part of a focus group about the online experience for clinical trials.

The PFAB meets monthly and counts patients, family members, and cancer center staff among its members. Melissa Dymond has recently joined PFAB as the staff project coordinator.

“I’m looking forward to organizing and assisting the group in the amazing work that they are capable of doing,” said Melissa. “They are a very dedicated group – passionate about improving the patient experience for everyone who walks through the cancer center’s doors.”

By sharing experiences about their own care, a primary goal of the group is the ease the journey for future patients and family members. To that end, they revised the patient toolkit, review patient education materials, serve on a range of patient-focused committees, and recommend changes that improve care experience, quality, safety, and efficiency.

The board has four committees – Improving Outpatient Care, Improving Inpatient Care, Communications, and Patient and Family Support and Education. Committee membership is open to all interested cancer patients and family members. These members often serve as e-advisers, an online group of patient and family members who share advice and opinions via online surveys and/or completion and review of printed or web-based materials.

Faculty and staff interested in having a patient and family adviser serve on a committee or provide input on an initiative can go online to make a request. Congratulations to the CCC PFAB on four years of exceptional work.


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