Looking back on our partnership – a message to PFCC advisors

Celeste Castillo Lee poses for a photograph in her Ann Arbor home on Monday afternoon. Melanie Maxwell I AnnArbor.comWhat a sunny and breezy Sunday it is after July 4.  I am feeling humbled as I sit in my soon-to-be vacated Patient and Family Centered Care office going through my files and reminiscing over the three years we spent together.  My feelings are at ease because of the many accomplishments we have achieved together and because I am honored to have known and worked with each one of you. 

With the message “we are better together,” we solicited your help and your voices.  Your stories, passions, and hopes confirm over and over again our confidence that working together is powerful.  If we could draw on the courage you have demonstrated through sharing your hard-earned experiences, we as a health system would be in a strong position to engage in the real change that makes you and every other patient the focus of our earnest work.

Over the past three years, we not only valued your contributions but also your trust.   As partners, we began our journey in adult services exploring patient care delivery, patient engagement, and partnerships.  We asked seemingly simple questions such as “How do we define patient experience, and how do we create the ideal patient care experience?”  Your input helped us understand the complexity of these questions and motivated us to learn more about them by exploring best practices at the bedside, engaging patient advisors in the clinic setting, establishing and developing patient and family advisory groups, and involving patients in research design and development, quality improvement, and patient safety. 

The PFCC is now on a sound foundation because of you.  We hope you will stay involved and guide the new team in the next phase of the program’s development because we are better together.

 “Goodbye and Goodnight!”

Celeste Castillo Lee



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