UMHS Gearing Up to Celebrate Over 2,200 Volunteers

During National Volunteer Week, Volunteer Services will be highlighting the work volunteers do throughout UMHS in displays in the UMHS Triangle April 14, 15, and 16. Staff is invited to stop by to check out the displays and meet volunteer supervisors and some of our volunteers, including some of our canine volunteers on Therapaws Awareness Day, April 15.

The annual Volunteer Recognition Event will be held Monday, April 13. Every registered, active volunteer who served in 2014 and early 2015 is invited to this annual event. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Together we create something beautiful.”

“Volunteer Week is a special time when we take the opportunity to let our volunteers know how much we appreciate them. It would be wonderful if each UMHS employee could take a few minutes to thank their volunteers,” said Loulie Meynard, Director of UMHS Volunteer Services. “We have volunteers giving their time to nearly every program and unit in the health system. We can all celebrate the work they do!”

“He is continually thinking about what needs to be done and improvements that can be made,” said Dewees. “For example, he returns cans from our facility for cash for the program, started a building-wide effort to recycle batteries and printer cartridges (taking them by the binful to the hospital himself), and assembles furniture.”

Malcolm has an incredible array of volunteer jobs, including greeting visitors and helping with way-finding, registering people for TSWP classes, reviewing educational materials, updating communication boards. “In the almost four years I’ve worked with him, I have never seen Mac flustered,” Dewees said. “Considering that we serve the public in a busy, open community center, this is impressive. When Mac is around, there is a feeling of security – whether things are going smoothly or issues arise, he exudes a sense of competence and ‘we’ve got everything covered.’”

Daniela was nominated by the Hospital Dentistry staff where she has volunteered for five semesters and assists with seating patients, stocking, sterilizing instruments, charting and also supports the doctors, residents, and clinicians in the clinic and in the operating room.

“Daniela has, on more than one occasion, come in to support and observe our dental residents during an emergency case in the middle of the night,” said Surgical Planner Stephanie Kline. “Our residents will come in the next day and praise Daniela’s commitment to our patients’ care and lending a hand above and beyond what is expected. She is incredibly dedicated to learning and supporting our faculty and staff. Most importantly, she is dependable and committed – our clinic and our patients can always count on her.”

“On behalf of my staff, we thank each and every one of our volunteers for the incredible work you do,” said Meynard. “You bring help and hope to our patients and their loved ones in ways that are truly invaluable.”

VRE 2015 finalDistinguished Service Volunteers — Honorable Mention:  

Community:                       Students:

Marciah Boerema             Josh Moroff

Cedric Clark                       Milan Kaushik

Cecilia Curoe                     Logan Smith

Diane Davidson

Cyril Radwin

Safa Shahin

Harvey Stob

Ellen Urda


PFCC Joy Award:

Shannan Shaw

Steve Farkas


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