Physician rounding undergoing a radical dose of change

dr. eagle revisedThe word “radical” was mentioned more than once during the March 24 PFCC Lunch and Learn on patient and family centered rounding.

“Of everything [the cardiovascular center] has worked on in the past seven years, the one thing that’s excited me the most is our work with patients, in understanding their issues and fears and in partnering with them,” said speaker and CVC Director Dr. Kim Eagle. In terms of rounding, “very few physicians are trained to think about what patients are going through. What is it like to have doctors and nurses out there in the hall and be the patient in the room?”

Dr. Eagle described how he has moved his rounding from the hall into his patients’ rooms. More often than not, he can be found sitting with the patient with his team circling the patient. “The patient is at the center of our rounding and that’s what is working well for us,” he said. Dr. Eagle also makes sure there’s time to introduce his entire team to each patient every day and to discuss the health care plans with the patients and families.

“When you do it right, I’ve found it takes less time to do patient-centered rounds,” said Eagle. He said it’s the small things that have improved his relationships with patients: making eye contact, speaking in a language his patients can understand, and giving families time to ask questions. “I believe this is a revolution in our health system. We have all of the technology, but this is what patients remember,” he said. “We talk about the Michigan difference. This is the differentiator.”

The CVC recently completed a video featuring Dr. Eagle and patient-centered rounding which speaks to the power of rounding with the patients and families. The video can be viewed here.


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