Catheters and Cheeseburgers

The two items mentioned in the title above may seem so unalike that one would assume I only used them together to grab your attention. Guilty. However, they both came up in a conversation that I had with a pre-transplant patient last year.  You see, I’m a peer mentor at UMHS who volunteers to share my experiences with pre- and post-kidney-transplant patients and families. I help give them a personal understanding of the surgery, recovery, and lifestyle changes from someone who has been there.  Twice.  Peer mentorship is a service that offers an informal conversation between patients and someone who may well have had the same questions, concerns, worries and fears.  

For every issue of this newsletter I hope to provide you, the reader, with information on peer mentor programs throughout UMHS, including stories from our peer mentors, upcoming events or summaries of events passed, and any updates or milestones for the various mentor programs. So if you have any mentoring milestones or upcoming events you’d like to share, or your own personal story, please contact me at


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