UMHS PFCC staff seminar challenges all to take action


Michele Derheim, Director of Clinical Operations, Frankel Cardiovascular Center

Michele Derheim, Director of Clinical Operations,
Frankel Cardiovascular Center

Nearly 300 people attended the annual UMHS PFCC Seminar “It Takes a Village” Oct. 15. (See stats box below.) Beyond the numbers, the event represented the UMHS commitment to acknowledging, incorporating and developing system-wide action plans that honor the voice of the patient.

With a roster of speakers that covered the many facets of patient-centered care, the event started with a patient who truly embodies the impact and power of PFCC. Julia Herzog, a PFCC advisor, shared her inspiring story of partnering with the staff at UMHS and is living testimony to the power of engagement. Working with her health care team, her recovery demonstrated why and how listening to the patient is the gateway to extraordinary care.

Keynote speaker Dr. Dan Rahn chancellor of the University of Arkansas College for Medical Sciences, emphasized the importance of learning from the patient experience in efforts to reduce costs, improve HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) scores and improve staff engagement. The next presentation was via YouTube, where Dr. David Feinberg, CEO, UCLA Medical Center, described his epiphany when he realized that the patient should be at the center of care. You can see the full video here.

 ?   co-leads the Quality & Safety Breakout Session.

Susanne Pryce with the Office of Clinical Safety co-leads the Quality & Safety Breakout Session.

Dr. Feinberg’s video was followed by the first breakout session, which featured four key PFCC topics: Quality and Safety, Family Presence, PFCC at the Point of Care and PFCC and Support Services. Attendees listened to panel discussions centered on various PFCC efforts being conducted throughout the hospital system and how these actions may be adopted into their own units and departments.

Afternoon keynote speaker Chuck Hofius, CEO of Perham Health System, discussed the importance of providing comfort, dignity and the ability to live well according to the desire of the patient and not that of a hospital or assisted living facility. His examples ranged from the sublime (dignity at death) to the entertaining (strippers on request). Attendees also met in small groups to develop FCC action plans, both personal and departmental.

The value of such seminars emphasizes several opportunities for PFCC and UMHS in particular:

  1. Although the PFCC mission is being presented across the system, we need to ensure its true meaning is understood at every touch point of the patient experience so that each department, floor and clinic is able to articulate and implement the concepts in their areas.
  2. There is an enormous amount of talent available to the patient and family community of UMHS. Now, collectively, we need to harness this power to develop an exceptional patient and family experience that is so ingrained in the culture that it is not a concept but rather the way we heal our patient community.

Stats BoxCongratulations to the PFCC staff for such a rich and educational day. There is still much work to be done but with the staff, administration and PFCC advisors, I can’t think of a better group to set the vision and assist UMHS to achieve a global leadership position in PFCC.

Article by PFCC Advisor Beth Konikoff

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